The new building Hotel Sale (Sale is the owner surname and it means Salt), is in the centre of Posada, in the province of Nuoro on the North-East coast of Sardinia.
The hotel is situated on the first and second floor of the building, where on the ground floor there is the historic Bar-Tobacconist of the same owners’, the hotel offers a Wi-Fi area, private parking, breakfast, bedrooms also for disabled people.
The staff speaks English, French, German and Spanish fluently! ...but they care to tell you that “anyway, with gestures, we can communicate with you without problems”. A little more "SALE?"

On the ground floor of the building is situated the historic Bar-Tobacconist, inn and shop that has been opened at the beginning of the twentieth-century. In the bar there is a tea-room, a small Sardinian library, a Wi-Fi area and we offer also more other services:
Tickets and tickets - counter ARST (Sardinian Regional Buses)
Tobacconist - Cigars - Cigarettes - Cut tobacco
Breakfast Bar
Ice-creams and snacks - Fast dishes - Cold and hot sandwiches - Wine

The bar is a Lottomatica:
Sisal office - It has any telephone cards - Any stamp tax

The twelve bedrooms, spacious and bright, have all en suite bathroom, air conditioning and LCD T.V.

Each bedroom has its name taken from Sardinian tradition and some from geographical name of Baronia and Sardinian territory:
Orvile, Sa Passarella, Iscraios. Sa Turre, Su Casteddu, Nuraghe Pitzinnu.
Some of our room - names are from Sardinian poets, writers, politicians and other important men and women:
Emilio Lussu, Antonio Gramsci, Eleonora D’Arborea, Giovanni M. Angioi, the Hercules from Posada.
The Hotel Saleis in Posada, a small village in the centre of Baronia territory; it is situated in one of the most beautiful area of Sardinia, between Olbia and Nuoro.
A conveniently located the Hotel is just 50km. from Olbia international Airport and Port, and just 50km from the Province Capital town. In about half an hour, southward by car, you can reach the centre of the island where you can see all the history and tradition of the “Barbaricino“ people, and northward you can reach the tourist and naturalistic attractions of the North-East coasts. In 5 min you can reach the tourist port of La Caletta and at a few kilometres there is the Mount Albo Chain ideal for walks or climbings.
The small town has a lot of touristic, naturalistic and historic attractions..., it is crossed by the river Posada that takes its name from the town; the village has still the medieval structures with narrow alleys, steep stairs, arches, small squares and churches. In fact the 12th century ruins of Castello della Fava is a daunting fortress some 20 metres high on the hill above the town of Posada. This was the first settlement in the area, used to be the ancient Carthaginian town of Feronia. The town was important during the Giudicati period, but its power declined because of the numerous Saracens’ raids. Posada, with its emerald green sea, its long white sand and its rocks beaches, offers its people’s warm welcome, liking and peace. Its climate is lovely in every seasons, its position is ideal for who loves relaxation and peace, mountains and sea...
The right “SALE” for your holiday in Sardinia.
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